Alpha Ship Design
Naval Architects Without Boundries

Like any good carpenter or shipwright Alpha Ship Design certainly need our range of tools to give our clients optimal and up-to-date services.

We believe however that the best tool ever invented is the human brain with its ability to visualize and materialize ideas. In order to speed up the design process and analyze options we supplement the thought process with the newest computer technology.

We use:
•   AutoCAD Drafting systems
•   Solid Designer - 3-D modelling,
•   NAPA - For Hydrostatic Calculations, Intact and Damage calculations.
•   Tribon - For detailed design and 3-D production modelling and production

•   Classification Society software for structural analyses, plus a number of
regular administration and communication programs.
•   Primavera and MS Project is used for planning and coordination and
project management.

•   OPP - In house developed tools for optimization of ship hull parameters
and propulsion.(based on the performance of build ships)

•   OPW In house weight database.
•   PRM - In house developed tools for project management.