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Project management services

Execution of project management is the basis for all activities in Alpha Ship Design. The project managers will help to ensure that projects are handled in such a way that time schedules and budgets are met, that the design documentation is in the required technical standard, that it is coordinated and that the quality is checked.

Our project managers may be located geographically where the project takes place. Alpha Ship Design offers management services which becomes a natural part of the client’s decision-making process.

Types of assignments:
•   Project management
•   Preparation of tender documents
•   Tender evaluation
•   Preparation of contract documents
•   Consultancy and participation in tenders and
contract negations
•   Plan approval
•   Technical inspection on site
•   Monitoring of shipyard production schedules and
•   Commercial and organisational monitoring and trouble
•   Contract management
•   Shipyard evaluation and assessment